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Four Operators Interested in Trasmediterranea?

There might be at least four players interested in Compania Trasmediterranea, the Spanish ferry company part of Armas Group. The latter is in advanced talks with lenders and bond holders for receiving fresh capital and also renegotiating the terms of the bond due to expire in the next few years.

According to the Spanish media Ok Diario two Italian groups and the local shipping players Balearia and Boluda have shown their interest in the restructuring plan which is being studied by some advisor and investment funds.

The two Italian potentially interested groups are likely to be Grimaldi Group and Grandi Navi Veloci.

Ok Diario also revealed that the property of two ferries previously controlled by Armas Group has been transferred earlier this year to a pair of Luxembourg-based purpose-built companies and are likely to be as guarantee for a needed fresh money injection. Other four ro-pax ships in fleet were also transferred to a new Canary island-based company called Armas Trasmediterranea Factoring Sl last June.

Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Voyages To Restart Gradually Mid-June

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Operations on the scheduled Bergen – Kirkenes – Bergen voyages will be suspended until June 15.

Hurtigruten is planning for a gradual restart of operations on the Norwegian coast. The first planned departure will be FINNMARKEN from Bergen on June 16.

Following June 16, the company will make decisions for each and every voyage individually.

In agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Transport, Hurtigruten has deployed two ships in an amended domestic schedule. The newly upgraded RICHARD WITH and VESTERÅLEN is bringing critical supplies and goods to local Norwegian communities. This service will continue through June 15.

Hurtigruten Hit Hard by Crisis – Too Hard?

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Hurtigruten has laid off 3,000 employees, taken 14 out of 16 ships out of traffic and lost all passengers and revenue during the corona crisis.

The company asked for State aid, without success.

Hurtigruten’s CEO Daniel Skjeldam says that the State only wants to give loan guarantees to companies with a healthy credit score.

However, because of the corona crisis, Hurtigruten’s score has been lowered. Daniel Skjeldam says this is not right. “It is the credit score before the corona crisis that must be used.”

Hurtigruten Coastal Vessels To Become Hybrid Expedition Cruise Ships

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Through important makeovers, three Hurtigruten coastal vessels will be transformed to hybrid powered expedition cruise ships.

Equipped with battery packs and other green technology, the three ships will operate year-round expedition cruises along the Norwegian coast from 2021 on yet to be disclosed itineraries.

Hurtigruten will no longer be the only company to operate the coastal ferry service, once Kystlink steps in with its four new ships in January 2021. Hurtigruten has always seen this as an opportunity, especially now that the interest in expedition-style cruising is so big.

As they are transformed into expedition cruise ships, the current TROLLFJORD, FINNMARKEN and MIDNATSOL, will be renamed MAUD, OTTO SVERDRUP and EIRIK RAUDE.

OTTO SVERDRUP will have battery packs installed during a 2020 yard stay, with a letter of intent for the same battery installation on MAUD and EIRIK RAUDE in 2021. The battery packs will support the ships engines, and drastically cut emissions.

The three ships will also be equipped for shore power and will get substantially upgraded low-emission engines, complying with all known and upcoming regulations (Tier3).

LBG To Power Hurtigruten Ships

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By 2021, Hurtigruten plans to operate at least six of its ships on a combination of biogas, LNG and large battery packs.

The company will introduce liquified biogas (LBG), which is a fossil-free, renewable gas produced from dead fish and other organic waste.

Biogas is already used as fuel in small parts of the transport sector, especially in buses. Northern Europe and Norway, which has large fishery and forestry sectors that produces a steady volume of organic waste, has a unique opportunity to become world leader in biogas production.

Note from the editor: Interestingly Hurtigruten uses several times the word ‘cruise ship’ in its communication. Not so long ago the word ‘cruise’ was something they preferred not to be associated with. They always referred to the ‘coastal voyage’.