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Austal Launches VOLTA Series of Electric Powered High-Speed Ferries

Austal has launched a new series of electric-powered high -peed ferry designs – the VOLTA series – to spark a change in thinking, challenge convention and exceed the expectations of communities, operators and passengers.

Visit the all new VOLTA website at

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Norwegian Electric Systems Completed the Delivery of 5 Zero-Emission Propulsion Systems to Fjord1

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The five ferries have been outfitted at Havyard Ship Technology shipyard in Sogn, Norway.

These ferries have a capacity of 50 cars and will operate fully electric at four different ferry-crossings along the western coast of Norway. Crossing time for the ferries differs from 13 to 30 minutes depending on which ferry route they are operating in.

“With these ferries, NES has now a total of 19 fully electric or hybrid electric ferries operating in Norway”, says Jan Kåre Sundgot, project manager for these 5 projects.

  • BØMLAFJORD: Langevåg — Buavåg (Bømlo)
  • STANGVIKFJORD: Kvanne – Rykkjem
  • SMØLA and MØRINGEN: Edøya – Sandvika
  • FEDJEBJØRN: Fedje — Sævrøyna


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Sea Trials Of Electric Ferry FESTØYA For Norled

The first of four hybrid electric-powered LMG-designed car ferries under construction at Remontowa Shipbuilding SA went to sea for the first time.

Damen Shipyard’s Ferries For Ontario Will Be Electric

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The Government of Ontario has accepted Damen Shipyard’s proposal to build two ferries with full electric propulsion, automatic mooring and automatic charging.
Damen is building a Road Ferry 6819 and a Road Ferry 9819 (68 metres and 98 metres respectively) to operate in the Canadian waters of the Great Lakes.
Finding environmental solutions was part of the tender process.

Photo: Damen Shipyard

Mark Gerretsen (MP for Kingston and the Islands), Leo Postma, (Sales Manager, Damen Shipyards Gorinchem), Sophie Kiwala (Member of Provincial Parliament), Mike Bossio (MP of Hastings-Lennox and Addington)


…And Four More Electric Ferries For Fjord1

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Fjord1 ASA ordered four Multi-Maritime designed battery ferries.
Three of the ferries will be of the new “MM82FE EL” design, which is approx. 85 m long. The ferries will operate all electric on challenging routes.
Two will operate at “Ranavik-Skjersholmane”, which is a 14.2 km long route and a service speed of approx. 13 knots. The expected charging power is up to 5000 kW. The third ferry will operate at Gjermundshamn-Årsnes.
The three ferries will be built at Sefine Shipyard in Turkey (new buildings 33, 34 & 35) and delivered in Q3 and Q4 2019.
The fourth ferry is 116m long and of “MM111FE EL” design. The vessel is planned to operate at Jondal-Tørvikbygd from 01.01.2020.
The ferry will be built by Tersan Shipyard in Turkey and scheduled delivery is Q2 2019.

Boreal Sjø ordered a Multi-Maritime-designed ferry too, of the “MM70FE EL” series. She will be built by Vard Brevik in Norway. The ferry will operate on the Kvanndal-Utne route.

Photo: MM82FE-EL by Multi-Maritime


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Charging electric ferries in less than four minutes

As recently announced, C-Job Naval Architects got a contract for the concept design of a series of five sustainable car and passenger ferries assigned by the GVB Amsterdam. They will be the largest fully electric ro-ro vessels in the Netherlands. Especially the charging time of maximum four minutes is spectacular. This notably short charging period will be enough for the vessels to operate a 24/7 service with no overnight charging required.

First hydrogen-electric ferry to sail in NorwayFirst hydrogen-electric ferry to sail in Norway

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Boreal and Wärtsilä Ship Design have agreed to develop a hydrogen-powered ferry for the Hjelmeland-Skipavik-Nesvik stretch. The ferry will be the first in the world where the vessel will use hydrogen as a fuel.
The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has been commissioned to announce a development contract for a hydrogen-powered ferry, which will be put into operation in 2021. The ferry service will be operated by two ferries, one being fully electric and the other hybrid hydrogen-electric with 50 percent of the hydrogen output.
Boreal has reserved the ship name HYDROGEN.

C-Job designs sustainable ferries for the City of Amsterdam

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C-Job Naval Architects has delivered the concept design of a series of five sustainable car and passenger ferries to the City of Amsterdam. The 41m vessels will operate 100% on electricity.
The electric ferries will recharge their batteries during the unloading and loading of passengers and vehicles. This will only take 4 minutes, with no overnight charging required. To guarantee continuous operation the vessels will also have a diesel generator.
The ferries can carry up to 20 cars, four trucks or 400 passengers.