FINBO CARGO Back in Service as Freight-Only Ferry

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Eckerö Line has doubled its cargo transport capacity with the reintroduction of FINBO CARGO.

After nearly 10 weeks in the Oresund Drydocks Ship Repair Yard, and an extra 450 tons of steel for ice reinforcement, FINBO CARGO entered service on 6 April, alongside FINLANDIA between Helsinki (Vuosaari) and Tallinn (exceptionally from the Old Port of Tallinn instead of the Port of Muuga).

Increasing cargo capacity between Finland and Estonia is particularly important to ensure Finland’s security of supply and transportation in the exceptional circumstances caused by the corona crisis. FINBO CARGO is not receiving financial support from the National Emergency Supply Agency.

Due to state travel restrictions, the ship will not carry passenger traffic, nor passenger vehicles for now.

Ropax FINLANDIA is also continuing to operate on an exceptional schedule 38 times a week. Pharmaceutical transports are prioritized on ships. Trucks containing medicinal supply are marked with special banners to ensure that these trucks are loaded and unloaded first.

Muuga-Vuosaari Route Soon to Be Operated by Tallink and by Eckerö

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Tallink will start transporting regular passengers with vehicles on the Muuga-Vuosaari cargo route from 12 June.

The ship operating on the route is Tallink’s veteran SEA WIND.

The price for a single ticket for all departures all year round will be the same: €20 for a car and €10 per passenger. The price for the van and long van is also fixed for all departures and is €30 for the van and €40 for the long van all year round for all departures.

The ferry operates on the Muuga-Vuosaari route all year round every day of the week, except Saturday and the trip from Muuga to Vuosaari takes 3.5 hours and the return trip from Vuosaari to Muuga takes 4 hours. For an additional cost passengers can book a cabin, buy breakfast, lunch and dinner, and there is also a shop onboard. The ship is not suitable for travelling for people with disabilities or for passengers with pets.

Eckerö’s recently acquired FINBO CARGO will also go to Muuga harbour, instead of the Tallinn harbour.


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Strong Year For Eckerö Line, With Strong Year End

Increased Passenger Volume For Eckerö Line In 2018

  • +3.3% passengers
  • +4.0% cars

The year ended with record volumes for both November and December.

  • +7.5% passengers in November (compared to November last year)
  • +7.3% passengers in December


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High-Speed Broadband on ECKERÖ

Eckerö Line has worked on different solutions to improve the internet connection for its guests during the ferry journey between Grisslehamn and Eckerö.

By installing two new moving antennas aboard the ferry ECKERÖ, as well as two moving antennas on land, Eckerö Line can now offer its guests a significantly more stable internet connection on the ship than before.

Previously, there has been a challenge with the connection when the ship was too far away from land, but it is now no longer a problem.

The new high-speed broadband also creates the opportunity for conference guests to conduct video conferencing on board.