Saronic Ferries signed MOU with DNV for the development of a fully electric ferry

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On June 7, 2022, Saronic Ferries signed a memorandum of cooperation with DNV, for the approval of the initial conception of the first, fully electric, passenger car ferry in Greece, which is designed for the Saronic lines.

The specific agreement took place within the framework of the International Shipping Exhibition POSIDONIA 2022 that is held in Greece every 2 years. According to the company executives, Saronic Ferries begins its journey to zero emissions, taking the first step towards a new, more environmentally friendly, model of transportation in the Saronic Gulf.

DNV GL’s Veracity program is making paint digital

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Ships have for some time reported their positions through AIS transponders but a team from DNV GL have cleaned the data and then developed an algorithm that accurately predicts arrivals at ports: Veracity.
Norwegian paint manufacturer Jotun joined the Veracity pilot program and it became apparent that an early approximation for vessels future port visits could provide value to Jotun’s supply chain. A more comprehensive understanding of the movements of the global fleet allows Jotun to optimize their stock and delivery planning.

Photo: DNV GL