Technological Advancements Onboard Tallink Grupp’s Vessels Reduce the Negative Environmental Impact of Ships

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Tallink Grupp recently conducted technical maintenance on the passenger ferry BALTIC QUEEN in Naantali. The maintenance included various works on the hull and interior, along with technological and environmentally friendly upgrades. One significant upgrade involved replacing the propeller blades with more innovative shapes to enhance the ship’s propulsion efficiency, leading to reduced fuel consumption and emissions. Additionally, testing results indicate a decrease in underwater noise generated by the ship, showcasing positive environmental impact. While further analysis is needed for the fuel consumption aspect, the reduction in underwater noise has already been confirmed.

Photo Baltic Queen propeller blades. Tallink Grupp.

Strategic changes within Adria Ferries’ fleet

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Italy’s Adria Ferries recently acquired a vessel, renaming it AF MIA (formerly CRUISE SMERALDA). The company has relocated the ship to Croatia’s Viktor Lenac shipyard for technical enhancements and a makeover to incorporate the company’s branding and colours.

According to Alberto Rossi, the leader of the group overseeing Adria Ferries, AF MIA is anticipated to commence service between Ancona and Durres in Albania by the end of November or early December. This ship will replace the aging AF FRANCESCA, which is slated for sale (possibly to a scrapyard).

Meanwhile, the third vessel in Adria Ferries’ fleet, AF CLAUDIA, is set to be chartered out, as per Rossi. Previously, AF CLAUDIA operated on the Ancona–Durres and the Bari–Durres maritime routes.

Adria Ferries Confirms Acquisition of CRUISE SMERALDA for Its Fleet

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  • Adria Ferries, based in Ancona, Italy, has officially announced the acquisition of the ro-pax ferry CRUISE SMERALDA, previously owned by the Grimaldi Group.
  • The 1997-built CRUISE SMERALDA will begin its service in November, connecting both sides of the Adriatic Sea by operating between Italy and Albania.
  • Ferry Shipping News was the first to reveal this acquisition in September when the vessel, boasting a capacity of 1,500 passengers and 2,200 lane meters, was still in service with Finnlines, a part of the Grimaldi Group, on the Malmö – Travemünde route.
  • CRUISE SMERALDA arrived at the port of Ancona last week, marking a significant addition to Adria Ferries’ fleet.
  • Adria Ferries has reported impressive financial performance in 2022, with revenues of EUR 68 million and a profit of EUR 18 million. The company had been actively seeking additional tonnage for the past year to further enhance its operations.

Grimaldi’s CRUISE SMERALDA to Adria Ferries?

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The 1997-built ro-pax ferry CRUISE SMERALDA seems to be close to become a ship part of the Ancona-based Adria ferries fleet.

Market rumours, not confirmed but neither denied by the interested parties, say that Grimaldi Group is to sell the vessel currently deployed for Finnlines on the Malmö – Travemünde link to the Italian company active on the routes from the ports of Ancona and Bari to Albania.

CRUISE SMERALDA = 1,500 passengers | 2,200 lane meters.

Adria Ferries recorded very positive financial results in 2022 (EUR 68 million of revenues and EUR 18 million of profit) and has been looking for further tonnage at least for the last 12 months.