CLdN establishes Baltic connection with Transfennica

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CLdN and Transfennica will link their shipping services in Zeebrugge to offer customers broader connections across Northern and Western Europe.

Transfennica’s Northern Baltic service between Antwerp and the ports of Hanko, Kotka, Rauma (Finland) and Paldiski (Estonia) will call at CLdN’s Albert II terminal in Zeebrugge every other Thursday, enabling the exchange of northbound and southbound cargo.

The first call is scheduled for Thursday, 25th July.

This combination will facilitate the transshipment of containers, tank containers, trailers, reefers, automotive units, self-drives, breakbulk, and other special cargo such as mobile machinery.

It will provide excellent connectivity between the furthest reaches of Northern and Western Europe – Iberia, Ireland, the UK, Scandinavia, and the Northern Baltics. Both companies will share freight loading equipment, thereby maximising the efficiency of each transshipment.

CLdN has joined the Maritime Battery Forum

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This move aligns with CLdN’s ongoing efforts to explore and implement alternative fuels and propulsion systems, including battery technology, to reduce CO2 emissions. CLdN aims to leverage the forum’s resources and expertise to further integrate battery technology in its operations. The Maritime Battery Forum promotes energy storage technologies in the maritime industry and supports the transition to zero-emission solutions.

The latest vessels under construction will be equipped with two conventional main engines as well as two large shaft generators of 6 MW each, which can be used for generating power or for electric propulsion. In full electric mode, the ships will be able to achieve a cruising speed of 16-17 kn. The vessels, which will be delivered in 2025, have a high degree of flexibility allowing for a seamless integration of new fuels, fuel cells and/or battery technology in the future.


CLdN launches new services between Rotterdam and Ireland and expands capacity between Rotterdam and the UK

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CLdN has chartered two 962 TEU LoLo cargo vessels (Pavo J and Andromeda J) that will ship container cargo between the recently acquired Distriport terminal in Rotterdam and Dublin and Cork.

The introduction of the new LoLo services will also enable an optimisation of CLdN’s RoRo fleet deployment, thereby increasing capacity on the routes between Rotterdam and the UK.

The two additional weekly LoLo sailings complement the three RoRo sailings operated by CLdN each week to and from Dublin. These RoRo services will continue to operate from CLdN’s RoRo terminal in Rotterdam.

The LoLo service to Cork complements the existing RoRo service operated by CLdN from its Zeebrugge terminal.

The new services will be operational as from the week commencing 18th March.

Read more in the press release.

CLdN acquires the Distriport terminal of Broekman Logistics in Rotterdam

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CLdN announced the acquisition of 100% of the shares in Broekman Distriport Real Estate BV and its 100% subsidiary Broekman Distriport BV.

The acquisition offers the scope to further grow and diversify CLdN’s service offering to and from the port of Rotterdam.

Broekman Logistics announces investments in its Project Services terminal at Rotterdam-Heijplaat, converting it into a quayside location for assembly and technical services for industrial and offshore equipment and heavy machinery.

CLdN to further expand Dublin services

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CLdN announced a further expansion of its Irish Sea services. This follows the decision by Dublin Port Company (DPC) to grant CLdN a license to use the port’s Terminal 5. The decision further expands CLdN’s capabilities in the port.

In September 2023, DPC called for proposals from interested ferry lines to service west coast English or Welsh ports out of Dublin following confirmation that P&O (which operated from Terminal 5 in Dublin Port) would exit the Dublin-Liverpool route by year end.

As a result of the decision, CLdN will move its Dublin-Heysham service operated by Seatruck Ferries to Terminal 5 in early 2024. All other Seatruck Ferries services will continue to operate from Terminal 4.

CLdN will also add a vessel to the Dublin-Liverpool route providing extra sailings and bringing the total number of daily departures to four in each direction.

Seatruck commenced services in Dublin in 2007 and is now the largest mover of ferry freight between Dublin and Great Britain.

CLdN is also increasing the size of its Liverpool terminal to deal with the continued growth as part of a new long-term agreement with port operator Peel Ports. The new land area has space for over 300 trailers and is directly linked to the current terminal by a refurbished swing bridge.

Attica buys one of the CLdN ‘Kawasaki’ roro’s

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Attica Holdings S.A. acquired roro CLEMENTINE from CldN Ferries NV.

Price: EUR 13.4 million

Built: 1997

Capacity: 2,307 lane meters or 160 trailers + 458 cars

Delivery: summer 2023


The 6 “Kawasaki’s” built Owned by
CLEMENTINE 1997 CLdN > Attica
VALENTINE 1999 CLdN > KiwiRail 2022

Zeebrugge hub expansion for CLdN

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CLdN has announced a major expansion of their Zeebrugge – England operation

  • New Zeebrugge – Teesport route – 3 roundtrips per week.
  • New Zeebrugge – Rotterdam route – 1 roundtrip per week.
  • Zeebrugge – Purfleet – 3 additional roundtrips per week, offering up to 3 sailings in each direction on peak days.
  • Customers will be able to place their cargo in a single terminal hub in Zeebrugge and choose to ship to any one of CLdN’s terminals on the East coast of England: Purfleet, Killingholme (Humberside) and Teesport.

The changes begin on 18 March.

CLdN’s new services to Teesport are said to be driven by customer demand to have direct and reliable access for freight units to the North East of England, thereby bringing cargo closer to its final destination, avoiding road mileage and unnecessary CO2 emissions.

A long-term agreement with PD Ports, the owners of Teesport, has been signed.  Teesport has an onsite intermodal rail terminal enabling direct access to the UK’s national rail network, including two train departures to Scotland per day.

The new Tees service will be priced in such a way as to “assist customers in developing new cargo flows”.

Photo: CLdN

Delphine gains rotor sail

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DELPHINE has become the first vessel in the CLdN fleet to receive a rotor sail wind propulsion system.

Improving the ship’s fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, the ship returns to service from Zeebrugge on 27 February.

DELPHINE has a freight capacity of over 8,000 lane metres and was already very fuel efficient.  With two 35m x 5m rotor sails, current emissions of 28 grammes of CO2 emitted per tonne of cargo shipped per km travelled will be reduced by 10%.

The rotor sails, which can be installed on new vessels or retrofitted on existing ships, incorporate a modernised version of the Flettner rotor, a spinning cylinder that uses the Magnus effect to harness wind power to add forward thrust to a ship. The solution is fully automated and detects whenever the wind is strong enough to deliver fuel and emission savings, at which point the sails start automatically. The sails are also tiltable, allowing the vessel to pass under bridges and maintaining operational flexibility.

CLdN will work with the Maritime Technology Division at Ghent University to study the performance of the sails on the DELPHINE in the coming months.  The results of the project will determine roll out on existing and newbuild vessels.

Photo: CLdN

CLdN to further increase capacity on North Sea routes to and from eastern England

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CLdN has announced a further increase of capacity for customers on its North Sea routes to and from eastern England. The additional capacity will be provided by the charter of the TUNDRALAND, a modern ro-ro vessel with a cargo capacity of 2,800 lane metres.

The vessel will be introduced into the CLdN network on 13th February 2023, allowing increased tonnage to be redeployed onto the Zeebrugge & Rotterdam / UK routes.

In response to increasing customer demand for unaccompanied freight services to and from the UK, CLdN will also provide a service delivering cargo from Zeebrugge to the Port of Tilbury. (remark: P&O Ferries have a service between Zeebrugge and Tilbury, with 9 departures a week from each port – check the P&O Freight website)