CLdN has joined the Maritime Battery Forum

May 31, 2024

This move aligns with CLdN’s ongoing efforts to explore and implement alternative fuels and propulsion systems, including battery technology, to reduce CO2 emissions. CLdN aims to leverage the forum’s resources and expertise to further integrate battery technology in its operations. The Maritime Battery Forum promotes energy storage technologies in the maritime industry and supports the transition to zero-emission solutions.

The latest vessels under construction will be equipped with two conventional main engines as well as two large shaft generators of 6 MW each, which can be used for generating power or for electric propulsion. In full electric mode, the ships will be able to achieve a cruising speed of 16-17 kn. The vessels, which will be delivered in 2025, have a high degree of flexibility allowing for a seamless integration of new fuels, fuel cells and/or battery technology in the future.