Ro-Ro runs aground after tow line break

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The Ro-Ro ship LIDER PRESTIJ, built in 1992 and formerly known as BENIAMINO CARNEVALE, recently grounded in Sicily.

The vessel was sold at auction by Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione and acquired by Turkish interests for EUR 3.25 million. The incident occurred while the ship was being towed to Tuzla.

Departing from Naples under tow by the tug TEDY, the vessel experienced a tow line break in high seas in the Mediterranean on Saturday. Consequently, she began drifting before running aground approximately 10 miles from Milazzo on the northern coast of Sicily on Sunday.

Italy’s coast guard reported overseeing salvage operations, initiated on Monday and successfully executed with the assistance of four tugs deployed from Rimorchiatori Augusta, a company affiliated with MSC-controlled Rimorchiatori Mediterranei.

The 1,820 lane meter vessel has been relocated to the port of Messina for thorough inspections.

Moby’s Ro-Ro BENIAMINO CARNEVALE Sold at Auction

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  • Moby’s ro-ro ship, BENIAMINO CARNEVALE, built in 1992, was sold at auction by Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione for EUR 3.25 million.
  • Turkish interests were rumored to be interested in the vessel.
  • The sale is part of Moby’s financial restructuring plan approved by the Court of Milan.
  • BENIAMINO CARNEVALE has a capacity for 99 passengers and 1,820 lane meters.
  • In October 2019, Tirrenia previously sold the ship for EUR 12 million to a North European buyer, but the deal fell through due to delays from banks, causing the sale terms to expire.

Ro-ro BENIAMINO CARNEVALE’s sale still pending

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Last October, Ferry Shipping News exclusively reported that Tirrenia – Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione sold for EUR 12 million, the 27-year old roro BENIAMINO CARNEVALE to a North European buyer.

German ferry company TT Line and Polish operator Unity Line were the two options considered most likely as counterpart from several sources.

As of today, the vessel is still operating for Tirrenia and the reasons why the deal is not completed yet are written in some of the documents presented by Moby to the court of Milan where filed for protection.

The Vincenzo Onorato-controlled company explains that the banks were late at releasing the needed green light and so the terms for the sale expired. Nonetheless Moby added that is still confident to hand over the 1992-built ship as soon as the approval from the court of Milan will arrive.

BENIAMINO CARNEVALE was built by Van Der Giessen-de Noord shipyard (formerly known as VIA ADRIATICO) and has a capacity for 99 passengers and 1,820 lane meters.