Baleària plans to stop emitting almost 80,000 tonnes of CO2 by the end of the year thanks to the use of LNG

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In recent weeks, Baleària has increased the consumption of natural gas on its 10 dual-fuel engined ships to 100%.

The shipping company estimates that this will allow it to stop emitting around 80,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere between June 1st and the end of the year.

In October 2021, in order to avoid becoming less competitive, the shipping company continued to use this cleaner energy only on port entries, approaches and stays.

It should be noted that, despite the temporary reduction in the use of gas due to the adverse circumstances, Baleària maintained its commitment to this fuel, which enables CO2 emissions to be reduced by up to 30%.

As a result, Baleària has added two more gas-powered vessels to its fleet, having completed the retrofit of the HEDY LAMARR in 2022, and chartering the RUSADIR, a RoPax equipped with an electric propulsion system powered by dual natural gas engines, this spring.

Baleària considers LNG to be the cleanest and most mature currently available for maritime transport. Furthermore, their ships are technologically prepared to consume either 100% biomethane or synthetic methane, as well as green hydrogen mixtures of up to 25%, although these CO2-neutral renewable energies are unfeasible at the moment due to their cost and availability.

Baleària and AmendTec collaborate to improve fleet visibility

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Baleària and AmendTec’s innovative collaboration is revolutionizing the maritime industry by providing real-time position and AIS data visualization for their own fleet and nearby ships. With this cutting-edge technology, Baleària has gained a strong position in safety management and decision-making from the coast.

Baleària has taken safety and decision-making to new heights with their innovative ‘control tower’. This tower visualizes real-time data collected from the AmendTrack’s and other sensors of their vessels, including vessel positions, fuel consumption, emissions, and calculated ETA’s. With this data analysed and readily available, Baleària can make informed decisions and manage safety more effectively than ever before.

25th Anniversary Year marks record for Baleària

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In 2022, Baleària transported 4.7 million passengers, 1.2 million vehicles and over 7 million lane metres of cargo.

The company recorded a turnover 42% higher than in 2021, at EUR 563 million, and EBITDA was up 36% at EUR 140 million.

Baleària celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2023 and these are the best ever figures in the company’s history.

The President of Baleària, Adolfo Utor, commented;

“Baleària has obtained historic revenues of EUR 563 million thanks to great marketing efficiency and effort and to the hard work and commitment of all teams”. He also described as “historic” the Result of EUR 67 million, 34% more than the previous year.

In 2022 Baleària invested EUR 61 million in fleet development.  This was mainly in new eco-efficient vessels under construction.

Photo: Baleària

Honfleur to Baleària

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It has been widely reported that Baleària has agreed to charter the so far unused ro-pax HONFLEUR.  This was the ferry built by Flensburger Shipyard, refused by Brittany Ferries due to excessive delays, and then completed by Fosen Yard.

The vessel has been idle at Gdynia for almost a year, since work on her was completed.  It is reported that the ship will be in Spain by the end of March and is to be chartered for six months with an option to buy afterwards.

With an LNG compatibility, it seems a natural match for Baleària, one of the leading LNG ferry operators.

The ship has started displaying the name RUSADIR on AIS.  Rusadir was an ancient Punic and Roman town at what is now Melilla, Spain, suggesting that the ship is likely to be used on Baleària’s services to North Africa.

Baleària expresses an interest in Naviera Armas

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The President of Baleària, Adolfo Utor, has publicly stated the company’s interest “in a future acquisition of Naviera Armas in the event that the current owners put it up for sale”.

The company would be particularly interested in Armas’ Canaries inter-island traffic, where Baleària currently isn’t present.

However, the acquisition is said to be third place in Baleària’s priorities, below the expansion of the company’s Caribbean operation and the fleet renewal strategy.

Naviera Armas is expected to be offered for sale at some stage following recent restructures which have largely placed control of the company with banks.

Photo: Naviera Armas

Ro-Ro CADENA 4 on Mainland Spain – Canary Islands

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Baleària and Fred. Olsen Express added chartered roro vessel CADENA 4 to the service between Huelva and the Canary Islands.

The former COLOR CARRIER left Huelva for the first time on Sunday morning 22 January 2023.

This service is added to the two departures that ropax MARIE CURIE already makes.

More freight on the roro frees up space for passengers on the ropax.

The joint venture transported 43,500 passengers in 2022, 44% more than last year.

Source: Baleària press release in Spanish and own sources

Extra RoRo ship on Fred. Olsen – Baleària route between Canary Islands and Huelva

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As of 5 November 2022, roro ship SHIPPER will be added to the route jointly operated by Fred. Olsen and Baleària. (Between the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands).

The new service is a response to the increase in two types of cargo:
To the Iberian Peninsula: perishable products
To the Canary Islands: in freight transport during the Christmas period
The new service will be added to the two departures made by ropax MARIE CURIE to date, so carriers will have 3 weekly departures.
SHIPPER will depart from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. and from Huelva on Saturdays at 8:00 a.m.
The connection with other islands will be done with the fast ferries of Fred. Olsen.

Baleària renews its trust in Armon with the construction of a second improved unit of the innovative fast ferry ELEANOR ROOSEVELT

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  • The new fast ferry will have dual gas engines with greater power and efficiency, which renews the shipping company’s commitment to this green energy as a transition fuel.
  • The ship will have the same dimensions as its sister ship.
  • It will optimize its speed and hold capacity, as well as add a deck for passengers and expand the terrace.

CAP DE BARBARIA will be zero-emission in port

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From the beginning of summer 2023, Balearia will link Ibiza and Formentera with the first electric ferry in Spain with zero emissions during stays and approaches to port.

CAP DE BARBARIA will be launched September 28th at the Armón shipyard in Vigo and will have the athlete Andrea Romero, from Formentera, as godmother.

The new ferry will be able to transport 14 trucks and 350 passengers with a very tight energy consumption, without emitting polluting gases in port thanks to its electric propulsion.