June 10, 2021

Ropax ferry AURORA BOTNIA, which will operate on the route between the Finnish city of Vaasa and the Swedish city of Umeå, completed its first sea trial last weekend.

She will be the first ropax in the world with a Clean Design class notation.

In practice, this means that the ship has been designed and built to significantly exceed the requirements of the MARPOL Convention.

The ship’s main engines operate primarily on LNG. In the future, the ship can be powered by biogas. In addition to the fuel solution, AURORA BOTNIA has an electric power system that can be used when operating to and from ports.

“Our goal is to be a pioneer in environmentally sustainable technology in shipbuilding. Our ship for Wasaline is a prime example of what we can achieve by combining years of experience from building dozens of previous ships with the latest innovations. We are grateful to the customer for the opportunity to build such a great vessel,” says Jyrki Heinimaa, CEO and President of Rauma Marine Constructions.