February 27, 2020

Some Troubles for Grimaldi and Tirrenia RoRo Ships in Malta 

Earlier this week Maltese chandlers and port workers stopped their operations over coronavirus fears, refusing to board vessels coming from Italy to unload cargo, Malta Today reported.

The local media was informed that port workers were complaining for a lack of medical staff in the area as they handle cargo that was coming from Italian ports. Port workers said they would not handle cargo unless in supervision and after clearance of medical doctors. “The cargo in question concerns retail food and other supplies. Maltese port workers claim they are not convinced with documents showing that the vessels have been given the all-clear” Malta Today reported.

The two vessels in question were the Grimaldi Group-controlled EUROCARGO MALTA and the Tirrenia-operated MARIA GRAZIA ONORATO. Some hours later both vesseld were regularly discharged. They could sail back to the Italian ports of Catania and Genoa.