November 11, 2021

An emission-free freight ferry will be built for Scandlines

  • Design and builders: LMG Marin and Cemre Shipyard
  • The ferry will enter service in 2024
  • Route Puttgarden-Rødby
  • Capacity: 66 freight units (+23% compared to the ships it will replace, HOLGER DANSKE and KRONPRINS FREDERIK).
  • Crossing time 1 hour, if fully electric
  • Crossing time 45 min. if hybrid
  • The ferry can also be used as backup ferry for one the four current double-ended ferries
  • Berth 3 in Rødby and Berth 1 in Puttgarden must be rebuilt to also load lorries on the upper deck.
  • A new lorry storage area will be established in the terminal of Puttgarden.
  • The ferry will initially exclusively charge in Rødby. Already in 2019, Scandlines invested in a 50 kV / 25 MW power cable to Færgevej in Rødbyhavn. This cable will now be extended to the ferry berths, where a transformer and charging station will be installed. In the longer run, the plan is to also be able to charge in Puttgarden when a good solution has been found for the purchase of green energy.
  • The modular construction of the vessel makes it possible to later adjust the vessel in order to also carry cars.
  • Length: 147.4 m
  • number of passengers: 140
  • Service speed: 18 knots