Scandlines generated higher revenue and results after car and shopping traffic rebounded in 2022

June 30, 2023

 Scandlines continued to make headway in 2022 as the impact of COVID-19 eased and travel restrictions were lifted early in the year.

Traffic volume grew significantly driven by a rebound in leisure and shopping traffic as well as continued strong traction in the freight business.

Against this backdrop, Scandlines increased revenue (+42%) and earnings (+101%) and continued to improve its competitive offering with long-term investments in fleet and facilities.

+65% Cars

+68% Pax

+5% Freight

+49% Revenue from BorderShops (even though shopping activity remained significantly lower than before the outbreak of COVID-19. Factors such as increased fuel prices, general inflation pressure and a weak SEK play here a role here).


Modest growth is expected in leisure and shopping traffic volumes, which are seen to be somewhat impacted by a general economic slowdown.

Bus travel is expected to gradually return to previous levels.

The steadily growing freight traffic volume is expected to continue the positive trajectory – however at a modest level.

Management expects revenue and profits to increase moderately in 2023 subject to the level of economic slowdown.

The full annual report and the sustainability report for Scandlines Infrastructure ApS can be downloaded here.