Scandlines completes investment project in low-noise thrusters

By 13 October 20222022 Newsletter week 41
October 13, 2022

As the last of the four hybrid ferries operating between Puttgarden (Germany) and Rødby (Denmark), the double-ended ferry PRINSESSE BENEDIKTE has just had four new thrusters installed.

The new thrusters are far more efficient and thus energy-saving than the previous push thrusters.

Accordingly, Scandlines completes a EUR 13 million investment project in upgrading the Fehmarn ferries and at the same time significantly reduces its environmental impact.

The 16 new thrusters as well as the new thruster control system for the bridge of each vessel have been delivered by Kongsberg Maritime.

Data for Scandlines’ thruster project:

Before: push thrusters with propeller drive at the back (Contaz 35)

Now: pull thrusters with propeller drive at the front (Azipull 120 FP)

Weight: 25 tons each

Diameter: 3.2 metres

Number: 16

CO2 reduction: up to 15 percent

Investment: more than EUR 13 million