August 6, 2020

Sales Contract Signed: Investor Lars Windhorst Gives Shipbuilding in Flensburg a Future

There is hope for the insolvent Flensburg shipyard. Tennor Holding founder Lars Windhorst is honouring his promise to stand by the FSG, by announcing the following measures:

  • Several businesses belonging to Tennor Holding are taking on 350 employees as well as shipyard business assets, in the scope of a transferred reorganisation (in line with German insolvency law)
  • 300 staff had to move into a transfer company on 1 August (read: job losses)
  • First step: ensure the shipyard’s finances are sound
  • Order (to be confirmed) for two roro vessels
  • Newbuilding 774 (what was to become Brittany Ferries’ HONFLEUR – photo) was taken over by Siem on July 24. Siem is the former owner of FSG, from 2014-2019. Possibility to finish the vessel in Flensburg.