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The Return of RoRo Shipbuilding in Flensburg

Flensburger Schiffbaugesellschaft (FSG) has received its first order since the restart under the direction of Tennor Holding.

IVP Ship Invest – a company of Tennor founder Lars Windhorst – is ordering a 32,770 GT, 210m long RoRo (option for a second ship) with a 4000+ lane metre capacity.

The double order is worth €140m and the first ship is planned for an April 2022 delivery.

Sales Contract Signed: Investor Lars Windhorst Gives Shipbuilding in Flensburg a Future

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Sales Contract Signed: Investor Lars Windhorst Gives Shipbuilding in Flensburg a Future

There is hope for the insolvent Flensburg shipyard. Tennor Holding founder Lars Windhorst is honouring his promise to stand by the FSG, by announcing the following measures:

  • Several businesses belonging to Tennor Holding are taking on 350 employees as well as shipyard business assets, in the scope of a transferred reorganisation (in line with German insolvency law)
  • 300 staff had to move into a transfer company on 1 August (read: job losses)
  • First step: ensure the shipyard’s finances are sound
  • Order (to be confirmed) for two roro vessels
  • Newbuilding 774 (what was to become Brittany Ferries’ HONFLEUR – photo) was taken over by Siem on July 24. Siem is the former owner of FSG, from 2014-2019. Possibility to finish the vessel in Flensburg.

Tennor Holding Takes Full Ownership Of Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft

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Investor Lars Windhorst has completely taken over the Flensburg shipbuilding company. His investment company Tennor Holding B.V. confirmed it has now become the sole owner of the German shipyard FSG, after acquiring all remaining shares in FSG from the former owners, Siem Europe Sarl.

In February of this year, Tennor (formerly Sapinda Holding) became the principal shareholder.

Siem Europe will continue to work closely with Tennor alongside other FSG customers and suppliers to ensure the long term growth and prosperity of the business.