May 30, 2019

The newly established shipping company Procargo Line was obliged to suspend the new ro-ro line between the ports of Cagliari in Italy and Sousse, Sfax and Zarzis in Tunisia, less than a year after the launch.

“After several months we preferred to temporarily stop the line due to economic, operative and political reasons” said the CEO of the company, Euan Lonmon. “In nine months of activity, Procargo Line has demonstrated high flexibility at transporting multipurpose cargoes (ro-ro but also containers and general cargoes) with an innovative handling system”.

The stop may not be definitive since Lonmon highlighted that “the company is officially recognized as a regular sea transport operator and has a sort of berth allocation with service priority in the smaller Tunisian ports”.

Procargo Line was jointly owned by the two shipping groups Grendi Trasporti Marittimi and Vittorio Bogazzi & Figli. The ship deployed on the service was the ro-ro ALTINIA, recently sold by Giovanni Visentini Trasporti Fluviomarittimi. She is actually in Cagliari as GALAXY F.