February 8, 2019

Port Of Ystad: Another Year With Increased Volumes – And New Records

Ystad Hamn can once again look back on a record period. Since 2015 the Swedish port set new records every year and this trend continued in 2018.

Ystad is the one of the largest ports in Sweden, with daily ferry traffic to Poland and Bornholm.

“Cargo, trucks, passengers and passenger cars continue to increase,” explains Ystad Hamn President and CEO Björn Boström. Railway wagons continue to decline, which has been the case since a long time.

The number of buses are increasing, which is primarily due to the fact that the Bornholm Line, since they took over the Ystad-Rönne traffic, have their own bus line from Copenhagen. The bus continues the journey by ferry.

The number of buses in the Poland traffic has increased as well. Both Polferries and the Bornholm Line have increased their traffic with more trips compared to the previous year.

Statistics for 2018

+1.3% Pax 2.2 million

+1.8% Cars 580k

+7% Trucks & trailers 267k

+30% Buses 3.8k

-2.3% Rail wagons 7.9k