Port of Antwerp-Bruges joins Green Port Corridor DFDS to have two hybrid ammonia-electric RoRo vessels by 2030

June 21, 2024
  • Port of Gothenburg, North Sea Port, and DFDS welcome Port of Antwerp-Bruges.
  • Aim to bolster green ambitions and create the world’s first green ammonia shipping corridor for freight vessels.

Route Details:

  • Corridor spans 2,500 kilometres, connecting Sweden and Belgium.
  • Potentially connects 11 European countries from Norway in the north to Spain in the south.
  • Ports of Gothenburg, North Sea Port, and Antwerp-Bruges serve as transportation hubs and zones of industrial activity.

Raised Ambitions:

  • Goal to have at least two DFDS hybrid ammonia-electric RoRo vessels in operation on the corridor by 2030.
  • Part of DFDS’s plan to operate six low- and near-zero-emission vessels by 2030.
  • Ammonia vessels to be complemented by electric trucks, rail transport, and onshore power supply.

Electrification and Renewable Energy:

  • Intensified efforts by ports to facilitate electric terminal operations and safe ammonia bunkering.
  • Partners plan to produce significant amounts of renewable electricity.

MoU and Collaboration:

  • Original partners signed an MoU in 2022 to decarbonise the shipping corridor and create a scalable solution.
  • Addition of Port of Antwerp-Bruges strengthens this commitment.

Funding and Emission Reduction:

  • DFDS has applied for funding for four ammonia-fuelled vessels.
  • If funded, the project is expected to reduce 328,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions per year, about 11% of DFDS’s scope 1 GHG emissions compared to 2023. ​