P&O Ferries: new ships, less crossings

By 13 January 20232023 Newsletter week 2
January 13, 2023

Company P&O Ferries says it reduced its carbon footprint by 85,000 tons in 2022. The press release says the lion’s share of the reduction is attributable to the space charter agreement signed with DFDS 18 months ago.

For 2023, the space charter agreement with DFDS means that P&O Ferries will sail 9,000 times on the English Channel, down from 16,000 times in 2019, the last comparable year.

The agreement reduces the time drivers spend waiting at the ports, giving them access to a departure every 36 minutes and reducing gate-to-gate journey times by an estimated 30 minutes.

This year, P&O Ferries will take delivery of two double-ended new super-ferries.

The company expects 7,000 les crossings than in 2019.

The press release does not say anything about the long strike (and less sailings) after so many seafarers were fired.