February 27, 2020

According to a PortEconomics.eu survey, Piraeus port takes the fourth place –in performance- behind Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg.

Piraeus was not even in the top 15 in 2007.

The port of Piraeus presented a percentage increase by 5.1% in relation to 2018 and 315% compared to 2007-2019 period. According to those figures, the port of Valencia is still a “threat” to Piraeus port just as Piraeus is a “threat” to Hamburg port.

The users of Piraeus port facilities estimate that the Greek port will directly threaten both Hamburg and Antwerp provided the development of the fourth pier which is part of the COSCO’s approved master plan by the Hellenic Government. The construction and the completion of that pier spans over a two-year period. Into the game of “dominance” is also involved and the railway as the completion of the infrastructure and the electrification of the Piraeus-Thessaloniki rail axis will give both Piraeus and Thessaloniki the potential for direct competition in the level of Hamburg.

In any case, this year will be of particular interest due to Brexit processes and the streamlining of transshipment while at the Mediterranean front a particularly interesting “naval battle” involving Piraeus, Valencia and Barcelona is on the way.