April 29, 2022

According to the Hellenic Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy the passenger traffic from the ports of Attica for the Easter holidays was significantly increased compared to Easter 2021.


  • From the port of Piraeus to the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, Crete and the Saronic Gulf, the passenger traffic increased by 150%. In 2022, departed 166,609 passengers and 26,695 vehicles, while in 2021 the traffic was 66,563 passengers and 8,624 vehicles.
  • Passenger traffic from the port of Rafina increased by 579% during the same period. In 2022, departed for Cyclades 38,726 passengers and 10,088 vehicles, while in 2021 the traffic was 5,701 passengers and 1,878 vehicles.
  • The traffic at the port of Lavrio increased by 340% as well. This year departed 12,259 passengers and 3,447 vehicles while in 2021 the traffic was 2,786 passengers and 777 vehicles.

However, Ferry executives support that passenger traffic during Easter 2022 -compared to Easter 2019- was reduced by 20% to 25% on many ferry routes.