October 3, 2019

When La Mériodionale’s PIANA left Bastia on 30 September it was with some regret that the crew looked back. Smoke pots and horn blowing were marking the event. It was the last time the ship was going to call in Bastia for the time being. In fact, the ro-pax ferry was built especially for the Marseille-Bastia route.

This final departure is because La Méridionale (the blue ferries) lost the DSP (delegation of public services) on the main routes between Marseille and Ajaccio/Bastia.

La Méridionale will now serve the connections with Propriano and Porto-Vecchio, for a period of 15 months, because that’s the duration of the actual so-called ‘short’ DSP.
Corsica Linea (the red ships) will operate solo between Marseille, Ajaccio, Bastia and Ile-Rousse .

La Méridionale is now preparing for the ‘long’ DSP of 8-10 years. For that purpose, they agreed to acquire LIVERPOOL SEAWAYS from DFDS.

GIROLATA will be dry-docked in Marseille. What her role will be afterwards is unclear.