December 12, 2019

Norway’s Vestland County approved a tender stating that eight of the regional passenger vessels shall be zero emission by 2022 (if possible) and latest by May 2024.

Hydrogen will be an option for propulsion of the four largest vessels (2,5 MW power, 35 knots, 300 pax).

Route package 2 (local boat routes in Flora, Bremanger, Vågsøy, Høyanger and Vik municipalities) and route package 3 (local boat routes in Gulen and Solund municipalities) in Sogn og Fjordane will continue with the tender process as planned by Sogn- og Fjordane County Council.

The main vessels in route package 2 (with the exception of the vessels Måløy-Silda, Måløy-Hennøystranda and a smaller part of Florø-Barekstad-Batalden-Fanøy) will incorporate zero emission technology from 2022 at the earliest and from 01.05.2024 at the latest. There is a requirement that all energy that directly or indirectly powers the main vessels must be certified as renewable. The vessels in route package 3 and exceptions in route package 2 can run on fossil fuels.

For route package 1 (the four express ferries that run between Sogn and Fjordane – Bergen), the county council wants to implement an alternative procurement process, a development contract is being considered. The goal is for the introduction of zero-emission technology from the start of the new contract in May 2022, and will be required by latest 1 May 2024. All energy for operation of the vessels must be certified as renewable.

Ocean Hyway Cluster member Brødrene Aa AS is ready to deliver their new 42m AERO Hydrogen design (photo).