Non-profit foundation in memory of Seajets Founder

March 3, 2023

Marios Iliopoulos, owner of Seajets, has announced the launch of the “Iliopoulos Foundation” to honour the memory of his late father, Takis Iliopoulos.  The shipping magnate passed away last year.

The non-profit foundation will support the needs of the islands that Seajets serves in the areas of health, education, sports-culture and the environment.

The Iliopoulos Foundation, which is expected to open within the year, will operate under the initial capital of EUR 2 million and will firstly focus on the health sector.  Needs have already been identified such as the lack of an ambulance on Andros and reinforcing the artificial kidney unit on Naxos.

Waste management, promoting green energy and supporting the winter economy on islands are amongst the initiatives the fund will tackle in due course.

Photo: Seajets