New catamarans set to revolutionize coastal transport in Norway

By 3 November 20232023 Newsletter week 44
November 3, 2023

At Brødrene Aa’s shipyard in Hyen, two carbon fibre high-speed vessels are under construction, and the first vessel was recently launched and set afloat. These cutting-edge vessels will operate on 70% electric power, designed to navigate the demanding seas off Bodø.

  • Catamarans capable of running for two hours at 28 knots on battery power (= almost 60 nautical miles)
  • Designed to maintain a speed of 30 knots in 2.5-metre waves.
  • The challenge is to balance battery weight, passenger and cargo capacity, speed, and seaworthiness.
  • 40 metres in length and 10.3 metres in width.
  • Up to 130 passengers.
  • Designed for passenger transport in Væran and Gildeskål, but also capable of carrying various cargo types, including fish, bicycles, and kayaks.
  • Equipped with a specialized cold room and loading cranes for fish transport.

Photo: Arve Svenning