January 30, 2020

P&O Ferries released the first official images of the new €260 million super-ferries (although some were already published in FSN earlier via Chinese sources).

The largest ships ever to sail between Dover and Calais, the first of the 230-metre super-ferries will be operational by 2023.

What is important to remember?

  • Hybrid battery-fuel propulsion will cut fuel consumption by 40%
  • Heat recovery system
  • Future proofing anticipates the ‘zero carbon emissions ship’
  • Double-ended design with two bridges: no need to turn around
  • Power management system to efficiently close down parts of the ship when not in use
  • A revolutionary new shape of hull for the English Channel and azimuth thrusters which increase manoeuvrability of the ship
  • Guangzhou Shipyard International Ltd

The order was announced in September 2019.

Danish OSK-ShipTech is the designer [link to OSK ShipTech website]