Molslinjen has been nominated for the Working Environment Award 2023

April 14, 2023

A significant reduction in the amount of exhaust particles when loading and unloading diesel vehicles has resulted in a better working environment on board ropax HAMMERSHUS, where employees no longer have to worry about the amount of particle pollution in everyday life.

Captain of Bornholmslinjen’s HAMMERSHUS Jacob Schødt Larsen was made aware of a problem with particle pollution on the vehicle deck. He acted decisively, and this meant that the cause of the contamination was quickly identified and reduced.

The captain and his colleagues are now being rewarded for this effort, by being nominated for the Working Environment Award 2023.

The specific action plan included a thorough review of the ventilation system and the corresponding update of operation and maintenance, as well as a new procedure for handling refrigerated trailers that must be connected to power on board.

Finally, subcontractors were required to ensure that the terminal tractors that load and unload trailers are equipped with particle filters.