March 19, 2020

In Italy all services for the maritime transport of passengers have been suspended not only on the international routes but also to and from the Sicily and Sardinia islands.

This is the result of the strict measures introduced from the local government to limit the outbreak of the Coronavirus which is heavily impacting mainly the Lombardia region.

As of today, the transport of passengers is closed between Italy and Croatia, Albania, Greece, Malta, Spain and North African countries.

The ferry companies are only allowed to embark people who are trying to go back home. That was the case mainly on the Barcelona – Civitavecchia route with Grimaldi Lines.

Several ships are now laid up in Italian ports. Roro ships and a few vessels transporting freight only are still active.

High-speed ferries deployed on the short sea routes in the Gulf of Naples, in Venice and to/from the Elba island are regularly operating too.