April 12, 2018

Interferry Highlights Three Key Topics In Call For Conference Papers

Interferry has launched a call for papers on safety, security and the environment ahead of its 43rd annual conference taking place in Cancun, Mexico, this October.
CEO Mike Corrigan stresses: “The core themes of this year’s conference are issues of ever-increasing importance not just to the worldwide ferry industry but across society as a whole. We welcome papers from both within and outside the industry that can bring unique perspectives to these topics.”

Two keynote speakers have already been confirmed – Robin Silvester, president and CEO of industry-leading environmental sustainability pioneer the Port of Vancouver, and Mark Sutcliffe, director of the CSO Alliance of maritime company security officers. Interferry has also approached a multinational authority for a keynote presentation on global terrorism trends and the potential impact on ferry operations.

Interferry’s Domestic Safety Committee will present an update on its work focusing on improvements in the developing world. Papers are invited from suppliers with available safety-orientated technologies that could be implemented easily and cost-effectively in developing nations. In addition, the session will include a review of the association’s work regarding fire safety. Relevant suppliers are likewise invited to submit presentation proposals.

On environmental issues, Interferry is encouraging operator case studies on topics as hydrogen fuel, ballast water management, underwater ship noise, green initiatives addressing terminals, waters and marine life. In particular, Interferry wants shipbreaking to be a significant part of this agenda.

The call for papers has a deadline of May 8. Submissions should be sent to with a short biography of the speaker and a 300-word abstract on the proposed topic.