September 3, 2020

French Government Vows to Save Brittany Ferries

The French Government is looking at possibilities to help  Brittany Ferries: exemptions from social contributions, increased support for training, the revival of tourism, possible additional authorized Covid-19 aid and eventually adjustment of the terms of the loan guaranteed by the State.

Port of Piraeus Among the First 100 Ports

According to Lloyd’s List data report, the Port of Piraeus gets the seventh place among the first hundred ports that achieved significant increases in their volumes %.

Furthermore, in 2019 the Port of Piraeus overshadowed the other Mediterranean ports, recording the highest increase (15.1%) and became the largest port in TEU terms in the region.

The Greek port ranked first on the Mediterranean top five ports for 2019, followed by Valencia, Algeciras, Tanger-Med and Barcelona.