June 10, 2021

The City of Turku Redeems the Viking and Silja Terminals for EUR 23 million

Due to the fact that the entire port area in Turku will be rebuilt, the city will redeem passenger traffic terminal buildings for just over EUR 23 million. EUR 172 million is budgeted for the entire port project.

On Monday evening, the Turku City Council approved the Ferry Terminal Turku project. The plans cover the entire port area and the intention is to build a new joint passenger terminal for both Viking Line and Tallink Silja.

Tallinn-Stockholm Can Sail from Friday but Tallink Remains Cautious

The government on Tuesday agreed the Tallinn-Stockholm line could be restarted from Friday, June 11, but shipping company Tallink remains cautious due to Sweden’s high coronavirus infection rate.

Paavo Nõgene, chairman of Tallink’s management board, told ERR travel conditions have not yet been agreed and said it is too early to say anything specific about the reopening of the line.