ICS Chairman Emanuele Grimaldi honoured at ESG Shipping Awards

May 24, 2024

International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) Chairman and Managing Director of Grimaldi Group, Emanuele Grimaldi, was awarded the Honorary Recognition Award at the ESG Shipping Awards in recognition of his significant contribution to the global maritime industry.

The second annual awards ceremony took place at the Grand Hyatt in Athens on the 20 May.

The ESG Shipping Awards were established to celebrate the efforts and achievements of companies in the shipping industry worldwide that exhibit remarkable commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. Organised by the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping and the Greek Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, the Awards aim to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration within the maritime industry while promoting ethical, socially and environmentally conscious decision-making.

Emanuele Grimaldi said: “Prioritising ESG factors just makes good business sense…We are all on a journey and I believe we are heading in the right direction. For our next steps we must remember that ESG is going to be an important part of this journey too. In light of the good work already underway, we should be more vocal about what we are already doing. Our proactivity should not go unnoticed. We need to be louder about the hard work already underway. We do take commitments to environment, social and governance seriously and work is taking place to build on this”.