Grimaldi to order 9 ro-pax ships for Finnlines, Minoan Lines and Grimaldi Euromed

May 3, 2024

Emanuele Grimaldi announced to FERRY SHIPPING NEWS that the Grimaldi Group is working on a significant order for 9 RoPax ships for its short-sea networks, valued at over EUR 1 billion.

They are likely to be built in China.

The Naples-based shipping company is still finalizing details about propulsion. Grimaldi wants to ensure “the best possible solutions in terms of innovation and sustainability, reducing consumption, and possibly utilizing traditional bunker fuel as well as methanol and biofuels.”

The 9-ship order will be as follows: Three ships for Finnlines, evolving from the ‘super star’ vessels just delivered; an additional two for Minoan Lines; and the remaining three for Grimaldi Euromed, with a capacity for 3,000 passengers and 3,000 lane meters of garage space.

The price for these new series of vessels will be approximately EUR 150 million each, with the tender for shipyards expected to be launched next summer and signing scheduled for next autumn.

Rendering of the recently delivered vessels: Knud E. Hansen