April 8, 2021

In recent months, Grimaldi Group has proceeded to significantly strengthen its presence in Malta:

  • Brexit: switching flag of ACL ships from UK to Malta (9 done, 1 to follow).
  • Malta Motorways of the Sea Ltd (MMOS), a Grimaldi Group company, has recently strengthened its fleet with the purchase of two additional vessels: roro’s EUROCARGO CATANIA and EUROCARGO SICILIA. (total fleet MMOS = 6 ships – see the fleet here).
  • MMOS runs a regular service from Genoa, Livorno, Salerno and Catania to Malta (and vice versa), under a Public Service Obligation contract with the Maltese Government.
  • This April, Malta is due to be served with one of the brand new 12 GG5G-class roro’s.
  • A second vessel of the same class will be deployed on the same route at the beginning of June.