Greencarrier and Wallenius launch the new company Lakeway Link

May 12, 2023
  • Greencarrier and Wallenius announced Lakeway Link, a new company aimed at reducing heavy traffic by offering extended waterway transport.
  • Lakeway Link will serve the Polish cities of Gdynia and Gdansk to and from Södertälje and Västerås via Lake Mälaren, Sweden.
  • Lakeway Link will be operated with a new type of “Mälarmax” vessel that will make it possible to connect the Baltic Sea with the shallow Lake Mälaren.
  • RoRo and High and Heavy.
  • Regular service will be opened with fixed departures twice a week from Sweden and Poland, starting at the end of the year.
  • Lake Mälaren is the third-largest lake in Sweden, located near Stockholm. It is connected to the Baltic Sea by a series of channels and waterways, making it an important water route for shipping and transportation.
  • The safety and accessibility of the waterways through the Södertälje canal and Mälaren are being improved. The Södertälje canal is being widened and dredged, the lock is being rebuilt and extended. The fairways in Mälaren are being dredged too. [Swedish Maritime Administration, about the project, in Swedish]


Fredrik Hermansson, CEO of Greencarrier Liner Agency Sweden (left) and

Göran Söderdahl, Global Senior Commercial Manager at Wallenius Marine (right)