GNV declared total loss for LA SUPERBA – Now likely to be sold for scrap

June 14, 2024

Grandi Navi Veloci’s ferry La Superba, which suffered a fire while docked at Palermo, Sicily, on 14 January 2023, has been declared a total loss and is likely to be sold for scrap in Turkey soon.

The insurance company Siat now owns the vessel after GNV declared it a constructive total loss. Initially, GNV aimed to have La Superba back in service by the summer of 2023, but the ship has remained inactive due to significant fire damage to the forward part of the vessel, including two decks in the garage, some cabins, and a public area.

La Superba was built by Nuovi Cantieri Apuania in Italy and, upon its entry into service in 2002, was the largest passenger ferry in the Mediterranean and one of the largest worldwide. The ferry can accommodate 2,920 passengers in 567 cabins and 940 seats, along with 1,000 cars in four garages, and has a total cargo capacity of 2,800 lane metres.

Photo: Vigil del Fuoco