GNV declared total loss for LA SUPERBA – Now likely to be sold for scrap

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Grandi Navi Veloci’s ferry La Superba, which suffered a fire while docked at Palermo, Sicily, on 14 January 2023, has been declared a total loss and is likely to be sold for scrap in Turkey soon.

The insurance company Siat now owns the vessel after GNV declared it a constructive total loss. Initially, GNV aimed to have La Superba back in service by the summer of 2023, but the ship has remained inactive due to significant fire damage to the forward part of the vessel, including two decks in the garage, some cabins, and a public area.

La Superba was built by Nuovi Cantieri Apuania in Italy and, upon its entry into service in 2002, was the largest passenger ferry in the Mediterranean and one of the largest worldwide. The ferry can accommodate 2,920 passengers in 567 cabins and 940 seats, along with 1,000 cars in four garages, and has a total cargo capacity of 2,800 lane metres.

Photo: Vigil del Fuoco

In 2024, GNV will add a third ship on the Genoa-Palermo route and take delivery of GNV POLARIS

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The Genoa-based and MSC-controlled ferry company, Grandi Navi Veloci, announced this week at the tourism exhibition Bit held in Milan that a third ferry will be deployed next summer on the Genova – Palermo regular route.

Matteo Della Valle, Chief Passengers Sales & Marketing Officer, stated that GNV recorded a 5% increase in transported passengers in 2023 compared to the previous year.

One of the significant developments for Grandi Navi Veloci in 2024 will be the delivery, scheduled for the last month of the year, of the new ship GNV Polaris, currently under construction at Ganghzou Shipyard International in China. This vessel is part of a broader order for four ships, each with a capacity of 1,500 passengers and 3,100 lane meters, along with 303 cabins. These four new units will be 218 meters long, with a beam of 29.6 meters and a maximum speed of 25 knots.

GNV to repair La Superba for summer

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Grandi Navi Veloci’s LA SUPERBA ro-pax cruiseferry, which suffered an onboard fire while it was berthed at the Sicilian port of Palermo on 14 January, is to undergo repairs and should be back in service later in the year.

The Genoa-based company, controlled by MSC Group, said in a statement to FERRY SHIPPING NEWS that it “is acting in order to have LA SUPERBA active on the market for the next summer season”.

The fire was successfully extinguished by the following week and now the vessel has been transferred to the nearby Fincantieri shipyard in Palermo.

Only the forward part of the vessel (two decks in the garage, some cabins and a public area) was seriously damaged by the fire.

Photo: Vigili del Fuoco

GNV AZZURRA as accommodation ship in Turkey

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GNV Grandi Navi Veloci signed a three-month charter contract with the Turkish company Defartes Global Services for the use of the ferry GNV AZZURRA.

She will be used as a floating hotel for the personnel of companies engaged in the work that Turkish Petroleum is carrying out in that stretch of sea.

Cruise ship GEMINI, also used as a floating hotel, is moored next to GNV AZZURRA.


Construction started for the first RoPax ordered from MSC for GNV

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Guangzhou Shipbuilding International, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, started the construction of the first of two (with option for further two) RoPax ships ordered last year by MSC and set to be operated by Grandi Navi Veloci.

The vessel has a length of 218m, a width of 29.6m, 3,100 lane metres capacity and a service speed of 25 knots.

There are 299 cabins on board and it can accommodate 1,500 passengers. It will be equipped with multiple themed restaurants, bars, lounges, children’s entertainment areas and other leisure and entertainment venues.

The first and second units of this series will be equipped with energy-saving and emission reduction devices such as SCR systems and waste heat recovery systems, while the third and fourth will be powered by an LNG dual-fuel propulsion system.

GNV’s seasonal Almeria – Nador maritime bridge to become full year

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The new GNV ferry link launched this summer between the ports of Almeria (Spain) and Nador (Morocco) will be operational full year, not just seasonal.

A spokesperson from the Genoa-based company said to Ferry Shipping News that

ropax GNV CRISTAL will replace the AURELIA in the coming weeks.

GNV will deploy the ferry GNV CRISTAL, calling at the port of Sète (France), Almeria and Nador instead of Nador — Barcelona — Sète route.

“This connection accounts for the progressive increase in our offer to respond to market demand in terms of services and lines and demonstrates the company’s commitment to strengthening its presence in Spanish ports” said GNV’s CEO Matteo Catani announcing the new line launched from Almeria.

Grandi Navi Veloci charter-in the roro ship FRIJSENBORG from Visemar Levante

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Repeating the same choice made last year, MSC-controlled Grandi Navi Veloci has just chartered-in for the summer season the roro ship FRIJSENBORG from compatriot Visemar Levante.

The 2016-built vessel is already deployed on the Genoa – Termini Imerese route adding capacity on the maritime link between Liguria and Sicily thus incrementing cargo capacity while leaving lane meters free for cars on the other ferries operated by the same company on the Genoa – Palermo regular service.

Grandi Navi Veloci confirmed purchase of GNV SPIRIT

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Grandi Navi Veloci has officially announced the purchase of the ropax ship CAP FINISTÈRE from Brittany Ferries which is currently en route to the port of Naples where will be renamed GNV SPIRIT.

The Nuova Meccanica Navale shipyard will take care of it with some refitting works and repainting the vessel with the company’s distinctive livery.

Once she enters service before next summer season, GNV SPIRIT will take GNV’s fleet to 25 ferries.