January 28, 2021

Malta-based Glenhallen has just signed a bare boat charter & purchase contract with Spanish Suardiaz for roro IVAN (1,000 lane metres) which has been already operated by the buyer in time-charter for the last 18 months.

Umberto Lazzaretti, head of Glenhallen, confirmed to Ferry Shipping News that the vessel will continue to operate on the maritime link between Italy (Genoa, Civitavecchia and Salerno) and Lybia (Al Khoms, Misurata and sub inducement also Benghazi). Regular sailings are also provided by the same company also from France (Marseille), Spain (Sagunto) and from the North Adriatic region (Koper and Venice).

Lazzaretti further announced that they are going to charter-in a lo-ro geared vessel capable of loading not only rolling cargoes in the garage but also container on the deck. A new link for this new mixed traffic is expected to take shape from the port of Piombino in Tuscany.

Glenhallen last year transported some 50,000 lane metres of ro-ro cargo according to the words of Lazzaretti.