Fjord1 awards Norwegian Electric Systems autonomous navigation scope

May 31, 2024

Fjord1 has contracted Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) to develop systems for automation of vessel functions and autonomous navigation for the four autonomous, zero-emission ferries that will operate the Lavik-Oppedal crossing on the northwest coast of Norway.

The ferry crossing takes 20 minutes, and the route is 5.6 kilometres long.

In close collaboration with Fjord1, NES will develop and deliver the systems for automation of vessel functions and autonomous navigation, including autocrossing and autodocking, that will replace some manual operations on board.

The four newbuild zero emission ferries will operate the route from 1 September 2026 onwards. Complete implementation of automation functions and autonomous systems, including autocrossing and autodocking, will happen from January 2027, while autonomous navigation will be implemented in 2028.

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