Fjord1 and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration have signed a contract for the operation of the national road ferry connection E39 Lavik-Oppedal.

By 12 January 20242024 Newsletter week 02
January 12, 2024

Fjord1 will operate the Lavik-Oppedal connection with four vessels from 2026 to 2034 (with the possibility of extension for up to three years).

Lavik – Oppedal is the ninth largest ferry connection in the country with 1.2 million car units in 2022.

The contract involves the development of fully automated solutions for all four ferries from 2027 onwards. The contract describes 23 different functions to be automated, and the sum of these functions means that the ferries will carry out route production by themselves. In addition, a control centre must be established on land, for monitoring and the possibility of remote control of the ferries.

Photo: Managing Director Fjord1, Dagfinn Neteland and director of ferries in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Dag Hole. Photo: Fjord1