Finnlines swiftly navigates the challenges

May 10, 2024

Q1 was challenging but Finnlines managed to navigate through obstacles, such as high interest rates, inflation, geopolitical concerns, and a slowdown in economic growth in Europe.

Several political strikes in February and a four-week long strike in March–April resulted that Finnlines earnings declined notably.

The result was also burdened by the start-up costs of two new freight-passenger vessels.

Key figures Finnlines Group Q1

-0.9% Revenue EUR 162.2 million

-15.4% EBITDA EUR 30.1 million

Freight units 184,000

Cars 27,000 cars

Passengers 153,000

Leisure travel surged remarkably on the route between mainland Finland, Åland Islands and Sweden after the introduction of the two Superstar vessels. Expectations for the summer season are thus high.

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