February 27, 2020

Full Year 2019

  • -2.4% Revenue €574.8 million (reflecting the lower volumes in Finland’s trade over the preceding year)
  • +2.0% EBITDA €169.8 million
  • + 3.4% Result €98.3 million

“In 2019, we continued to focus on fundamentals, i.e. dedication to smart use of technology, digitalised and optimised processes across our businesses, investments in energy efficiency to advance sustainable development and effective execution of our strategy by our highly productive, skilled and committed employees. One topic in our strategic discussion is digitalisation. In recent years, we have invested a lot in information technology. We have implemented two major ERP systems, one in the port and the other relating to vessel efficiency monitoring and measurement. We have also developed mobile services in port operations. This development in digitalisation and automation increases the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes just to name a few examples.”

Emanuele Grimaldi, CEO