June 7, 2018

As The Clock Ticks, Brexit Frustration Is Growing

CEO Port of Zeebrugge, Joachim Coens, and Deputy CEO Port of Calais Benoit Rochet paid a visit to the British House of Commons on June 5, for a session about “UK’s economic relationship with the European Union”. The Belgian and the French Port demand urgent clarity on what will happen post-Brexit in order to secure a smooth transition.

Mr Coens asked for clarity about the transition period. “The transition period of two years is fine, provided we know from the beginning of that transition period what we have to do. We cannot be ready if there is uncertainty in the transition period.”

Some of the hot topics outlined by Mr Coens:

  • The need for a good and comprehensive trade agreement EU-UK.
  • Preserve current free movement of goods as much as possible.
  • Guaranteed efficient and fast transit of – European and international – goods through the port.
  • No import duties – minimal non-tariff barriers.
  • EU and UK customs administrations need to start preparing and cooperating.

“We know there is Brexit but we don’t know exactly what Brexit means,” said Port of Calais CEO Benoit Rochet.