Ever-growing Ekol Started A Sète – Zeebrugge Block Train

April 12, 2018

Turkish Ekol Logistics is continuing to develop intermodal transport and offer environment-friendly solutions, by having more block-trains in Europe.

Right now Ekol has 48 dedicated block train trips per week.

It is developing the French port of Sète as main hub for the South European region. Therefore Ekol increased the number of ro-ro connections between France and Turkey to two per week, and the number of train connections between Sète and Paris to two per week as well.

Ekol also added a completely new train connection from Sète to Zeebrugge, Belgium. In this way the company can connect France, the Benelux, Sweden and the UK with South Europe, Turkey, the Middle East and Maghreb.

Alaa Jennane, the Director of Engineering Business Development of Ekol said that “our strategy is to have more and more block trains in Europe. We would also like to increase the ro-ro capacity in our network.”

It takes nearly 22 hours for the new Ekol train to connect Sète and Zeebrugge. It goes two times per week with the capacity of 44 units per train.

This train will substitute another one between Trieste and Zeebrugge, but it has a bigger capacity.