May 30, 2019

DFDS New Business Unit Brings Routes Closer to Sales & Marketing Organisation

DFDS has created a new Business Unit (BU), called “Short Routes and Passenger”.

It contains almost all the DFDS passenger activities under one single management.

  • Business Unit Group Passenger
  • Route Dieppe-Newhaven
  • Route Dover-Calais
  • Route Dover-Dunkirk
  • Route Copenhagen-Oslo
  • Route Amsterdam-Newcastle

The new Business Unit will be headed by VP Kasper Moos, who will maintain his office in Dover and report to Peder Gellert, EVP and Head of Ferry Division.

The basic idea of the reshuffle is to bring the routes closer to the sales and marketing organisation.

BU Baltic will continue managing and operating all Baltic Sea routes using BU Short Routes and Passenger as its global sales agency.