December 16, 2021

Freight: total volumes in November 2021 were 5.4% below 2020.

  • The decrease in total volumes compared to 2020 was due to lower volumes on most UK routes as stockbuilding ahead of Brexit boosted volumes on UK routes last year.
  • The negative impact from supply chain bottlenecks, that reduced volumes in Q3 and October, eased during November.
  • North Sea and Channel volumes were in November again above 2019.
  • The Mediterranean business unit continued to carry volumes above 2020 while Baltic Sea volumes were just below 2020 as capacity on one route was reduced from two ferries in 2020 to one ferry in November 2021.
  • Volumes for both the Mediterranean and Baltic Sea business units were above 2019.

Passenger: the total number of passengers in November 2021 was 84.0% above 2020.

  • The increase was largest between Norway and Denmark where travel restrictions to a large extent were abolished in November.
  • The number of passengers on UK routes picked up but in very small numbers due to continued travel restrictions.