December 10, 2020
  • ARK FUTURA will leave the Ark (*) cooperation during December 2020, and this has triggered a reshuffle in the fleet.
  • MAGNOLIA SEAWAYS and FINLANDIA SEAWAYS will join the Ark fleet.
  • FINLANDIA SEAWAYS will be reflagged from the Lithuanian flag to the Danish flag from January 2021.
  • MAGNOLIA SEAWAYS will enter the Ark fleet in 2022.
  • The seven ships that will be part of the Ark cooperation are thus ARK DANIA, ARK GERMANIA, SUECIA SEAWAYS, MAGNOLIA SEAWAYS, BRITANNIA SEAWAYS, FINLANDIA SEAWAYS.

(*) The ARK Project is a Danish–German collaboration that ensures Danish and German military access to, and availability of, capacity for maritime transport in accordance with the nations’ own obligations to NATO.