Danish shipyard secures order for an electric ferry for Torghatten

June 14, 2024

Hvide Sande Shipyard in Denmark has secured the contract for a ferry, capable of carrying 30 cars and 149 passengers.

The ferry will operate for Torghatten on the Bellvik-Vengsøy and Musvær-Mjølvik-Risøy routes in the open sea northwest of Kvaløy, outside Tromsø.

The delivery date for the new build, number 158, is 31 March 2026.

Equipped with a nearly 4 megawatt-hour battery pack—four times larger than previous builds at the yard—the NSD 30CFc design is by The Norwegian Ship Design Company.

The hull is being constructed at Montex Shipyard in Poland, expected to be delivered in summer 2025, followed by outfitting in Denmark.