August 1, 2019

Corsica Linea Ordered A new LNG Ro-Pax

On 25 July, Corsica Linea signed the contract with the Visentini shipyard for a new ro-pax ferry powered by LNG.

Some particulars:

  • LNG as fuel to power the engines and generate onboard electricity.
  • Length: 206m (the longest ferry in the actual fleet is JEAN NICOLI, with a length of almost 201m).
  • Lane metres: 2.560m (VIZZAVONA and PAGLIA ORBA have 2,500m) with extra deck for 150 cars.
  • Passengers: 650
  • Speed: 23 knots
  • Delivery is planned for 2022.
  • Financing is done by the investment bank of Groupe Crédit Agricole. Essential for the project was the leadership of the Corsican branch of the bank (Crédit Agricole de la Corse). The French bank has a specific program for “green investments”.
  • Scolaro Shipbrokers have been acting as agents of the Italian shipyard.
  • Designed by NAOS.
  • The plan is to order a second ship within 18 months.

Pierre-Antoine VILLANOVA is a proud CEO: “only three years after its creation, Corsica Linea has followed a strategy where the quality of service, local employment and an environmental transition were the key elements. By choosing LNG as a fuel, we will be part of a movement towards a more sustainable maritime transportation in the Med.”

Corsica Linea also participated at the G7 (see below) and signed the SAILS charter with the other French ferry companies.